1036 ways to save the Ocean

What challenges are addressed by impact driven ocean startups, where are they based and why is our oceans a great investment opportunity?

Together with ABB we participated as a partner in the official launch of Katapult Oceans annual publication the Blue World Perspective. We believe in a world where a thriving ocean is in harmony with economic development, and Katapult ocean invest in profitable businesses with a positive impact on our oceans. On 23 October 2019 during Our Ocean 2019, Katapult Ocean shared their pipeline data on the global landscape of ocean startups.

Talk facilitated by Chester Cunningham (Director, Xynteo) with Kristian Teleki, Director at Friends of Ocean Action, Per Martin Tanggaard, CEO at Nor-Shipping, Jorulf Nergård, VP Market Development, Marine & Ports at ABB and Maren Hjorth Bauer, CEO and co-founder Katapult Ocean.

The event took take place outside, at the “Our Ocean exhibition” at Jernbanetorget. We are proud to contribute to this exhibition together with Katapult Ocean and ABB

The Blue World Perspective report
The Blue World Perspective is live and available for download! Over the past year Katapult Ocean has mapped the global landscape for impact driven ocean startups. Where are the ocean startups are located, what tech do they use and how many female founders are represented?

Chester Cunningham (Director, Xynteo) Per Martin Tanggaard, CEO at Nor-Shipping and Maren Hjorth Bauer, CEO and co-founder Katapult Ocean

1036 ways to save the ocean, we believe this is good news for the future! Thank you to all the amazing founders out there, who every single day go to work to create a more sustainable future.

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