Capital idea! Sustainability focus for new partnership with Oslo

In 2019 Oslo will be recognised as the EU’s Green Capital of the Year and Nor-Shipping, along with other selected organisations, businesses and local groups has been selected as a key working partner.

‘Your arena for ocean solutions’ will now stand alongside the city to support and enable a programme of activities that raises the profile of sustainability and cements Oslo’s environmental credentials.

Platform for green growth

“Nor-Shipping is built upon a foundation of sustainability,” notes Director Per Martin Tanggaard. “All of our activities are planned in accordance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and its our ambition to be at the forefront of ocean and maritime developments that are responsible, profitable and beneficial to all of society.

“As such we are eager to support the city in 2019 as it takes on this prestigious title. We’ll be doing all we can to assist its programme and ensure that our own activities meet, and where possible exceed, expected standards. Sustainability is a key focus for the oceans and should be for all industries.

“We’re delighted that Europe, and the world, will be looking to Oslo to fly the flag in 2019.”

Unique initiatives

Oslo was awarded the Green Capital of the Year title due to its long-term strategy to tackle climate change and improve the local environment.

Initiatives of note include a drive to cut emissions by 50% by 2020 (compared to 1990) and be carbon neutral by 2050. Investment in public transport has also increased, a ‘Business for Climate Network’ has been established and, in 2016, the city introduced a unique ‘Climate Budget’. This records Carbon Dioxide emissions in business budgets in the same way as funding/finances.


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