Clean Drinking Water to Millions from Ships

Daniele and Dig propose the use of additional fresh water generated onboard ships to serve the needy communities globally.

Commercial shipping operates with profit motive to haul cargo worldwide thereby driving businesses and global trade.

While shipping services come at a cost to the shippers, shipping industry can provide one of the most basic commodities, i.e. clean drinking water, free of cost to people suffering shortages globally. It’s worth noticing that most medium to large sized ships produce drinking water onboard and in excess of their daily needs.

This water is produced using the waste heat from ships engines which is free of cost and contributes to no additional emissions. The additional water produced can be given back to the society absolutely free. And since the ships sail worldwide, clean water delivery can be targeted to the most vulnerable communities suffering drinking water crisis to save lives globally.

Entry from: Dig Vijay Singh and Daniele Borri


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