Hall A dedicated to Disruptive Sustainability

Please be invited to our pioneering exhibition on Disruptive Sustainability, a gateway between our high-level conferences and the traditional exhibition. You will meet industry shapers from across the value chain and leading entrepreneurs within maritime and ocean space. This hall is designed to galvanize dialogue, to learn and get inspired, to challenge and to provoke.

We are creating an arena based on a cluster model and collaborative approach to inspire the established actors and entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals and young talents to all come together and explore how our industry can take on a pro-active approach and create change from within.

The Disruptive Sustainability Hall will be dark and immersive, creating an “Enter the Ocean Space” experience and feature an exciting Disruptive Room dedicated to exploring new insights.

Game changers
This stage is purely dedicated to lectures and talks exploring some of shipping’s most controversial questions about its future. You will be able to explore radical technologies and solutions, consider how better to utilise established solutions and understand the thinking of shipping’s most influential game changers.  It is a fast-track to explore the new toolbox of technologies and strategies transforming the maritime industry in this time of  strained markets and numeral challenges.

Alongside trailblazers from the world of shipping, the Disruptive Sustainability Hall will feature leading companies and innovations from the wider business world – allowing for sharing of insights and cross-fertilisation of ideas and aiming to engage, provoke, challenge and inspire visitors.

Entrepreneur pavilion
In order to promote young entrepreneurs and pioneering startups within the ocean space industry, we have reserved a prime location in the hall for these striving entrepreneurs at a much reduced price. We find it important to give room for also the unexpected, and to be a bridge-maker between the established and the new.

Disruptive Sustainability Exhibitors
Exhibitors in this hall will show-case concepts, ideas and solutions which have opportunity to disrupt the industry, but also to have a positive impact on the world we are living in. We expect to see examples of novel solutions for e.g. energy usage, operation and design, through technologies and novel business models within fields of e.g. autonomy, robotics, additive manufacturing, virtual reality and even biology.

Disruptive Talks

Facilitated by our partner Fathom Maritime Intelligence, these one hour collaborative discussions are be dedicated to the future markets and technologies of the Ocean Industries, where we will challenge the status quo through addressing “the controversial questions”. Companies has the opportunity to host one of these discussions. Please reach out to Fathom to learn more. Article: Disruptive Talks

Ocean Opportunity Pitch Sessions
A platform for a new generation of Ocean Industries entrepreneurs, this new concept has a practical approach to building bridges between generations, showcasing how young can assume roles as problem-solvers and develop professional careers where they can create a real impact and build valuable experience. The industry is invited to contribute with awards to the best pitches: an internship, a desk space, a mentor? If you are interested to support this cause, please reach out here.

Ocean Studio
The media is crucial to the dissemination and success of ideas. Hall A will feature a purpose built TV studio where reporters and journalists can interview key industry leaders throughout the week

Lounge area
The inner section of the Disruptive Sustainability Hall offers exhibitors and visitors a combined lounge and café, where you also have a prime view of what is going on in the rest of the hall. Selected VIP receptions may be held in this area during certain periods of the week.

If you think this is the place for you and your company, and would like to know more, please contact Sofia Fürstenberg, Project Manager Disruptive Sustainability, sf@nor-shipping.com



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