The guide to Exhibitor Pass

Exhibitor Pass is the ticket for stand personell to enter through our doors during the Nor-Shipping days. It is the administrator or someone with Add Stand Personell permission of the stand that can issue tickets. This is done in the Team tab inside the Exhibitor Tool. If you are an administrator and need assistance to get inside, please contact

Issuing Exhibitor Passes
To give an Exhibitor Pass to someone is done in the Team tab. Just enter first name, last name, email address and select the permission Stand Personell (not Add Stand Personell which is for allowing others to issue passes). Press Send Invite. If no other permission is set, no email actually goes out to the person yet.

The person is now added to the list and you can now press Send Exhibitor Pass. You can do this when all are added, or you can do it when it seems appropriate one by one.


Receiving Exhibitor Pass
To receive an Exhibitor Pass is as clicking the Create Account button in the email you receive, enter a password and you now have access to This is the same ticket system any other ticket holder is using for Nor-Shipping and allows each user to take more control over their stay and presence.

The login to is the same as you use in the Nor-Shipping app. Using the app also adds lead scanning functionality for free as well as many other useful features.

You can also print out your personal Exhibitor Pass by going to Tickets, click on Exhibitor Pass and then Print.

Note that if you arrive by plane, the Exhibitor Pass gives you free transport from the Oslo Gardermoen Airport to the exhibition center or city center with Vy (previously NSB) and Ruter.


Checking your profile
For all visitors it is smart to check your profile info prior to arriving at Nor-Shipping. Make sure your name, title and company you want on the badge is correctly entered.
Filling in all the fields also make you look better when others scan your badge or app with the lead scanner.


Picking up your badge
When you arrive at the exhibition center, just hold your app or printed pass under our ticket scanner. A badge will come out.
If the info on the badge is incorrect, you have three choices:

  • Fix the info in the Nor-Shipping app or
  • Go to one of the computers where you can self service a new badge
  • Go to Customer Helpdesk

In respect of the oceans, there is no plastic cover for your badge but firm paper and a hole for the lanyard.

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