From Problem to Profit Cases

The best submissions will be shared through Nor-Shipping’s online channels, with standout contributors invited to the event’s Ocean Opportunity Talks in Oslo. Five individuals will be invited to participate in Ocean Opportunity Pitch Sessions during Nor-Shipping week, competing for €5.000, top executive mentors and summer internships.

Please send us your short videos addressing one or more problems and suggesting solutions. Send either a file or link.

Cases for students, young professionals and entrepreneurs

How can the shipping community set the climate action agenda rather than following it?

How can we include and implement conscience about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the dilemmas of the industry, both within education and training?

How can a ship be used for providing resources or infrastructure to areas affected by and exposed to climate-related extreme events – and economic, social and environmental disasters? How can ships be used as floating rinsing installation for areas that are struck by drought, or in peak-seasons where the local communities don’t have sufficient local infrastructure?

How can a ship be used for producing or harvesting food and energy, such as seafood and bio mass, while transporting goods?

What can a ship do to reduce emissions in port cities? How can we move more transportation from land to sea? What can ports do to provide green energy and reduction of harmful emissions to sea and air? How can we solve tomorrow’s transport challenges in cities and communities?

How can ships and floating installations be used in cities that grows and develop? How can ships be used to fill a temporary or long-term lack of land areas in growing cities? How can ships resolve other challenges/services in cities; such as education, hospitals, factories, food production?

How can the recycling yards ensure that recycling is done in an optimal resource utilizing way, that isn’t damaging health?

How can shipping utilize new digital learning tools to enable the seafarers and professionals to do more training from home or while at sea, so that both emissions, costs and time will be utilized better? Can a ship be used as a science and education platform? How can maritime education renew itself to provide the right technical and digital competence for the future? How can we create better communication and competence among seafarers and maritime professionals, that helps them succeed in reduce emissions and negative impact on the environment, in their everyday work? How can the maritime industry learn from other industries to better share mentoring and competence enhancements?

How can shipping ensure full and effective participation of women, and equal opportunities at all levels? How can the seafarer career be changed so that its more attractive to females

How can shipping deliver pure water to the world? How can ships recycle all water on board?

How can ships
produce more energy than they use, and deliver energy to the market? How can the industry facilitate more use of renewable energy? How can existing ships be modified with new technologies and infrastructure for renewable energy – to reduce emissions?

How can shipping challenge existing business models through stimulation disruptive entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation? How can shipping find better models for sharing ships and capacity much better than today?

How can shipping reduce the global CO2 and emission footprint within all parts of the industry – whether you are constructing, operating or traveling?

How could we find an international tax regime that ensured a responsible investment in the global communities? How could we create a joint global ethical mindset for the flag states?

How can we create full recycling on board ships? How can we remove and reduce the spread and outlet of plastics into the oceans? How can ships function as cleaning facilities for river mouths and coastal areas? How can shipping reduce the spread of invasive species? How can we create ships without ballast water?

How can shipping
help combat global corruption?

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