German Pavilion in great demand

The German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce has promoted a substantial German participation at Nor-Shipping 2019. 23 exhibitors from the maritime industry in Germany have booked a stand at the German Pavilion at one of the world’s leading maritime trade fairs, which takes place in Oslo between June 4 and 7.

Creating new business at the German Pavilion 2017

While 2019 is just in its early beginnings, the Chamber’s work with the Nor-Shipping exhibition and event week is already well underway. Every two years, companies from all over the world travel to Norway to showcase their products and services, explore innovations and opportunities, and meet existing and potential partners and customers. This year, 23 exhibitors from the German maritime industry have booked a stand at the German Pavilion, which is six more exhibitors than in 2017. All available stands sold out before Christmas.

German Pavilion amongst top three
With its 382 square meters, the German Pavilion will be the third largest of the 20 national pavilions featured at Nor-Shipping. The German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the organization of the German Pavilion, which goes under the internationally acclaimed brand “Made in Germany”, in cooperation with Hamburg Messe and Congress GmbH.

Norbert Pestka and HRH Crown Prince Haakon at Nor-Shipping 2017

“We are very happy that so many German companies decided to join us at the German Pavilion. This proves that the concept is attractive and that there is a lot of added value in exhibiting at a national pavilion”, says Norbert Pestka, Managing Director, German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.

Additional space for German exhibitors
There is a growing interest in Norway and Scandinavia within Germany’s maritime industry. As such, the Chamber has been able to negotiate space for three additional exhibitors. For German companies that promote sustainable, renewable, green and diverse solutions or digital technologies, Nor-Shipping offers a great platform to present and promote their products and brand and enhance their position in the national and international markets.

Nor-Shipping Director Per Martin Tanggaard

“Nor-Shipping is a progressive arena that focuses on new future technologies and sustainability. Germany is a leading actor in this field; German companies have tomorrow’s solutions and are eager to present them. Nor-Shipping is a great platform for this purpose. Our visitors come here to see what the future holds for the maritime industry”, says Per Martin Tanggaard, Director Nor-Shipping.

Startup Lounge at Nor-Shipping
Apart from the national pavilions, Nor-Shipping also a features a ‘Startup Lounge’ in the Blue Economy Hall; an exhibition hall devoted fully to sustainable use of ocean resources, built around the 17 SDGs. The Startup Lounge is reserved for startup companies committed to the Blue Economy, and there are still available spots.

Companies of interest can contact The German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.

Tereza Kjos
Project Manager Nor-Shipping
German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
Tel.: +47 22 12 82 46

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