More than 30 ocean and shipping start-ups all in one place: The Blue Economy Hall.

A wave of technological and digital solutions has been sweeping the ocean industries in the last five years. Start ups are emerging around the world and the opportunities for them to make a difference have probably never been better. The OECD predicted this will happen and society in general as hopes for their success as we see a need to make use of the ocean resources, but to do so sustainably.

There are start-ups that offer new opportunities for the incumbent industries such as shipping and maritime technology, and there are companies that have been launched to help clean up the oceans, map the oceans, or to help raise the levels of sustainable use.


Governments have been pouring more investment opportunities into these industry developments hoping to secure their piece of a sustainable future and importantly help collaborate internationally.

Nor-Shipping is doing its bit too as one of the first of large shipping and maritime trade shows to recognise the need for these incumbent industries to embrace the opportunities being offered by these new ocean economies. In Nor-Shipping’s Blue Economy Hall a vibrant range of start-ups will be trying to grab your attention.

The Maritime Alliance, a cluster organisation based in San Diego on the US West Coast is coming with 10 of its promising young companies, and the Norwegian Cluster NCE Maritime Cleantech has its companies on show. There’s also the start-up lounge, a dedicated exhibition space for smaller budding but certainly growing start-ups, keen to make a mark.

And now, with the next UN Ocean Conference set to take place in Portugal in 2020 the Portuguese Ministry of the Sea has asked to have its own island in the Blue Economy Hall.

Ocean solutions are getting real; They are growing in number, in stature and through collaboration and networks. They are varied, they are ambitious and some of the best are at Nor-Shipping.

Come see some of the best, come to the Blue Economy Hall during Nor-Shipping 2019, and listen to the hosted Blue Talks and Interviews.

Here’s 34 confirmed start-ups that will all be in one place: The Blue Economy Hall.

From The US West Coast it’s these 10: Earthwise Sorbents, Ecochlor, HALO Maritime Defense, ioCurrents, Marine Construction Technologies, OceanManager, Sea Machines, SHIPPINGInsight, The Viswa Group, XST Inc.

From NCE Maritime cleantech it’s these eight: CFD Marine, Data Gumbo, Multi Solutions, Servogear, Sustainable Energy, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Valhall NGP.

Loginno – Bringing IoT to shipping through a box


And in the Nor-Shipping dedicated start-up lounge there’s 16 start-ups and young companies pushing to make a mark. They are: Ankeri Solutions, Brim Explorer, CDynamics, CSO Alliance, Dream Learn Work, Loginno, Odin Deck Machinery (ODM), ScanReach, NKT QFP, Maritime Data Systems, Ocean Freight Exchange, Group Nautical Pte, Shipcosts, Durable Energy, BOS Global, ECOsubsea

Brim Explorer – This entrant is a new vessel design for a new operator of Arctic passenger services in Norway.


All these and other exhibitors demonstrating where shipping meets the oceans in the Blue Eocnomy Hall of Nor-Shipping 2019. All you need is your entry ticket!



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