Norway’s new emission free cruise ship concept

The cruise industry is facing more stringent requirements and regulations to emissions. In partnership with leading cruise lines, Norwegian technology suppliers have now developed a concept for zero-emission cruising.

Royalty, awards and industry’s next generation line up for Nor-Shipping 2019 Opening Ceremony

Nor-Shipping is gearing up for a new look Opening Ceremony on Monday 3 June at Oslo City Hall.

Welcome to a world of opportunity

Can you sense the excitement? Nor-Shipping 2019 is just round the corner and the global maritime and ocean industries are gearing up for the most important event week in the business calendar. Are you ready for Your Arena for Ocean Solutions?

Diving into the Blue Economy

When over 30,000 decision makers descend on Nor-Shipping 2019 this June a new destination awaits them. Here Silje Bareksten, Nor-Shipping’s Head of Sustainability and Technology, explains the motivation behind, and the content within, the ground-breaking Bl

The future, covered

How can marine insurance play an active role in helping industry and society meet future challenges and opportunities? Skuld CEO Ståle Hansen knows he doesn’t have all the answers, but he’s committed to contributing towards both commercial and environmental sustainability in any way he, and his company, can.

Launching a Greek Accelerator

Greek shipping may be one of the oldest, most family-rooted and influential markets in the maritime industry. With so many privately-owned shipowners it has garnered reputations, both good and bad, over the years. One of these reputations is of owners reluctant to adapt to change; looking at new technology with even more scepticism than an already conservative industry.

Nor-Shipping apps for iOS and Android

Download the Nor-Shipping app today from AppStore and Google Play. It makes your visit a lot …

A mix of ship types to round off Nor-Shipping’s Award entries

Here we present the last set of entries for this year’s NorShipping Next Generation Ship Award. Entry to the award is open to all vessels that have either been delivered or which have undergone major conversion since Nor-Shipping 2017, or that are scheduled for delivery within three years of the 2019 event.

Will hydrogen power shipping’s shift to renewables?

Unlocking greater efficiency and environmental performance will be centre stage at Nor-Shipping 2019. Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch believes hydrogen could fuel the way forward.

Bold ambition

Kongsberg Group’s acquisition of Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine sent shockwaves through the industry. From seemingly out of nowhere they acquired one of the biggest names in ship design, deck and rotating machinery. Geir Håøy, President & CEO KONGSBERG, explains both the rationale behind the purchase and what lies ahead.