Nor-Shipping takes principled stance

Nor-Shipping has released the very first ‘Nor-Shipping Principles’, detailing both a code of conduct for exhibitors and participants and its commitment to supporting, and encouraging others to support, key UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Your Arena for Ocean Solutions, taking place across venues in both Oslo and Lillestrøm, Norway, between 4 and 7 June, has identified SDGs 5, 13, 14 and 17 (namely diversity and gender equality, climate, life below water, and collaboration) as the foundation for a set of ‘guidelines’ that all attendees will be encouraged to follow.

An arena of inclusivity
“Nor-Shipping is dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive arena that promotes the highest standards when it comes to doing business, respecting others and caring for the environment,” explains Nor-Shipping Director Per Martin Tanggaard. “As we represent the global maritime and ocean industries we are well aware that those attending may have differing viewpoints when it comes to cultural norms and conducting commercial activity.

Per Martin Tanggaard, Director Nor-Shipping


“So this set of principles lays out what we ourselves believe in and what we believe the industry as a whole, and broader society, wants to see. We are not trying to preach to companies or prescribe how they must do business, but rather to provide a solid, responsible and sustainable foundation for growth, success and working together. The SDGs are absolutely central to that objective.”

Tackling big issues
The principles detail clear expectations for participants in Nor-Shipping activity, while encouraging attendees to work beyond the arena to tackle some of the biggest issues facing not just business, but also mankind.

“If we work together towards the same set of goals then this industry can be a powerful force for positive global change and environmental innovation,” says Silje Bareksten, Nor-Shipping Head of Sustainability and Technology, who authored the principles.

Head of Sustainability and Technology, Nor-Shipping
Silje Bareksten, Head of Sustainability and Technology, Nor-Shipping


“Our customers can help enable a future whereby the ocean provides for us, while we care for it, unlocking value in a responsible, positive and inclusive manner. We’ll do all we can to support them in that drive… and these principles make that commitment clear.”

You can see the Nor-Shipping Principles in full here.

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