Opening Oceans Conference 2018

Nor-Shipping organised in 2018 a new initiative to create a unique level of sustainable economic collaboration across the many ocean industries.

The Opening Oceans Conference took place in Copenhagen on May 2nd & 3rd 2018, Opening Oceans was the first meeting of its kind to bring together sustainable goals of the ocean economies with the solutions, services and skills of the maritime sector, a sector that is rapidly evolving to meet societal expectations of the future.

The OECD describes the oceans as the new economic frontier. They offer a chance to address many of the global challenges being faced by society and planet, but such an achievement comes with responsibility.

There is the responsibility for these new ocean industries to accord with recognised sustainability goals as they meet the increased calls for food and energy security, of dynamic transport models.

Shipping and maritime industries are part of these ocean industries, and can offer expertise and skills as sustainable ocean economies develop.

Opening Oceans was organised in collaboration with Danish Maritime Days.

For more information please go to the Opening Oceans website.

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