Press Releases

Ocean Insights with Klaus Heim

This week we have spoken to Klaus Heim, CEO, WinGD, to let you discover their unique vision of the road ahead.

Super Boyan: Ocean action hero on a new mission

The world needs to see action on, in and related to our oceans. We need a new breed of heroes to lead the way. Heroes that have the ability to turn challenge into opportunity. Our first Ocean #ACTION Hero, in a series of feature articles, is Boyan Slat, CEO and Founder of The Ocean Cleanup.

Nor-Shipping strengthens senior management team with Höegh LNG’s Algaard

Nor-Shipping is demonstrating its ambition to build on the success of last year’s ‘Your Arena for Ocean Solutions’ with the recruitment of Karen Algaard from Höegh LNG.

Nor-Shipping 2019 scoops Norwegian event award for 2020

Nor-Shipping is proud to announce that Nor-Shipping 2019 has won the prestigious Norwegian Sponsor and Event Association award for the best Exhibition/ B2B Event of the year.

The exhibitor experience with Inchcape

"There’s nothing quite like Nor-Shipping” answerd Christopher Crookal, Chief Commercial Officer, Inchcape, when we asked our leading sponsor about their Nor-Shipping experience.

Ocean Insights with Tore Andersen

Nor-Shipping Ocean Insights are bite sized interviews with the thought leaders, innovators and business people seeking to realise the huge potential of the ocean space. This week we talked to Tore Andersen, EVP sales and marketing, Optimarin.

ACTION stations – how is shipping adapting for the future

Per Martin Tanggaard addresses some of the key issues facing the future of shipping. Through his role as Director of Nor-Shipping, Your Arena for Ocean Solutions, his extensive business network provides a broad spectrum of high level insights, from high level industry executives.

Ocean Insights with Roger Holm

In this edition of Ocean Insights we have spoken to Roger Holm, President, Wärtsilä Marine Business, to let you discover their unique vision of the road ahead.

The exhibitor experience with Salt Ship Design

This week we have asked Salt Ship Design to tell us about their Nor-Shipping experience. As an industry frontrunner they are focused on taking #ACTION to combine innovative thinking with established, proven solutions to design the ships of tomorrow today.

$1trn challenge, and opportunity, for the shipping industry

"We really can’t afford not to act" says Per Martin Tanggaard, Nor-Shipping Director, as a new report has highlighted that around $1trn dollars of investment is needed to half the emissions of the shipping industry, in line with IMO targets.