Prices and terms of payment

Stand fee (without furnishing) per sq. m. stand, excl. VAT.

Stand fee includes only standard system walls without furnishing.

Please note you have to book a minimum of 12 sqm. All prices in NOK excl. VAT

• 12-99 sq.m. shell scheme stand, hall A, B, C, E and part of D:
NOK 3 950
• >100 sq.m. stand (floor space only), hall A, B, C, E and part of D:
NOK 3 850
• 12-99 sq.m. shell scheme under the mezzanine in hall D:
NOK 3 150

Registration fee per exhibiting exhibitor:
NOK 7 500 (not refundable)

Registration fee for National pavilions:
NOK 25 000 independent of number of exhibitors.

Building an additional floor (above standard height of 2,5 meters) will be levied an extra stand rental of NOK 1 500 per sq. m. floor.

VAT will be charged as per Norwegian rules and regulations, currently 25%.

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Terms of payment
• Registration fee will be invoiced upon application
• Stand rental will be invoiced December 2020
• Within 14 days from invoice date
• Interest will be charged on payments made after due date

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Link to regulations

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