Nor-Shipping 2017 invited young professionals and students to explore how our industry can meet today’s challenges and turn them into tomorrow’s opportunities.


We invite YOU to share ideas & solutions with the global maritime industry! Are you passionate about the ocean and new sustainable solutions? Our initiative “From Problem to Profit” is based by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, highlighting more than 30 issues related to shipping and the ocean, where new or improved sustainable solutions are needed. The young generation will create our future, and we are eager to hear your thoughts.



We welcome young problem-solvers from across the maritime & ocean industries, and from related industries such as tech, finance and energy. This is your chance to showcase the potentials represented by yourself and your generation.


Explore the cases below and pick one or more where you have a good idea, a non-confidential school or work project – or an existing solution if you are already an Entrepreneur. Create your own Ocean Opportunity Talk video (2-10 minutes length). Share the video with us, and you’re an official candidate.




Go Viral! A number of the best submissions will be shared through Nor-Shipping’s online channels, promoting you towards the global maritime industry. A great way to gain visibility towards potential employers, partners or connect to other engaged professionals.


Ocean Opportunity Talks: Standout contributors will be invited to the event’s Ocean Opportunity Talks in Oslo and might even be promoted virtually during our main conferences.


Pitch On Stage: 5 finalists get to join the stage at the Ocean Opportunity Pitch Sessions on Friday 2 June in front of a jury and audience of top executives and investors. Each finalist has a 7 minutes pitch. One of the prizes is a cash prize of NOK 100.000 (appr. EUR 10.000 / USD 10.000).


Value-creating Prizes: You can also compete for a span of prizes from our industry partners, providing value for young talents. You can win an entire year of personal coaching by the Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Operator of DNV GL, Bjørn Haugland, summer internships and other cool opportunities will be announced!
Background for From Problem to Profit: New opportunities
From Problem to Profit Cases


The From Problem to Profit finalists
New entry:
IT platform for seafarers
New entry:
Norwegian trash
New entry:
The world’s fastest ship design
New entry:
 How can a ship be used to harvest energy
New entry:
Adaptable setup of autonomous ships
New entry:
ECOact Tanzania
New entry:
Assist Bot: A new way of transportation within the city
New entry: 
Ship based integrated garbage and sewage treatment plant
New entry: The ECOsubsea solution for in-water cleaning of ships in ports
Young Etrepreneur Award: YEA Winner 2017
New entry: Clean drinking water to milions from ships
New entry: GAP – Green Anchor Ports
New entry: GoodShipping Program
WIN MENTORING: Win one year of mentoring with a top executive
Young Entrepreneur Award: Top 4 nominees video
New entry:  In-house plastic recycling
Young Entrepreneur Award: Some of the most promising talents in the industry
New entry: Wind-win propulsion
New entry: Ships as plastic renovators

Send video with your ideas or solutions to: kek@nor-shipping.com by 10 May 2017.