SDG 5 Gender equality

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
Gender equality and women’s empowerment have advanced in recent decades.

In the corporate world, the underrepresentation of women continues to be much noticeable, but is under increasing scrutiny. Studies even suggest that companies with higher female representation at the top, perform better over time. In the workplace, women are still faced with an uneven playing field, be it lacking management support, discrimination, sexual harassment or less opportunities for advancement, but awareness is increasing at all levels. Companies are taking action by setting equality targets, reporting on performance and putting accountability at the top. Diversity champions are appointed, and a culture of inclusiveness and respectfulness is promoted.


Nor-Shipping initatives
We have developed a women’s equality code of conduct called the Nor-Shipping Principals and is encouraging every maritime partner of doing the same.

We continue our support for WISTA (Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association), through hosting the Waves of Change conference, as well as supporting other WISTA initiatives. Nor-Shipping Director Per Martin Tanggaard is the first-ever male member of WISTA and participates in the WISTA mentor programme. We supported the WISTA Conference in Tromsø in 2018, enabling 300+ female maritime leaders to network and get first-hand industry insight. This also allowed WISTA to make a donation to a female student at the World Maritime University on our behalf.

For 2019, Nor-Shipping will have equality focus throughout all our initiatives, and not least to ensure female top candidates on our speaker lists.

What can you do?
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