StormGeo launches new versions of NaviPlanner BVS and NaviUpdate at Nor-Shipping (B02-20), key offerings in the Navigator Solutions Portfolio

Navigator portfolio brings together the only single-source solution spanning navigation and voyage planning, route optimization, weather routing and fleet performance management.

StormGeo will present new versions of the best-selling route optimization platform, NaviPlanner BVS and NaviUpdate. NaviPlanner BVS simplifies the process of planning and optimizing the route, obtaining the appropriate charts and creating a voyage plan—without switching between disparate solutions. NaviUpdate connects NaviPlanner securely to the ECDIS for direct transfer of routes and charts. This addresses a major challenge in the shipping industry—the lack of connectivity and transparency between voyage planning, route optimization solutions and shore-based decision-making that can result in operational and fuel inefficiencies.

The Navigator Solutions Portfolio is the only all-in-one system delivered from one company, and is significant news for ship operations and management because it improves the connection of the onboard navigational planning station tocontinuousshore-based analysis, advice and decisionmaking. This increases the amount of optimized routes that are actually sailed, improves visibility and communication between shore-based operations and vessels, and reduces security risks. The Navigator Solutions Portfolio will be available for demonstration at StormGeo’s interactive stand #B02-20 at Nor-Shipping. StormGeo is a proud participant of the UN Global Compact, empowering sustainability by increasing fuel-efficiency, having saved clients’ 1,000,000 MT fuel in 2018 due to its route advisory services.

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