Think, Talk, Listen, Think

As part of our promise to be the platform for the Ocean Industries, Nor-Shipping has designed two unique Think Tanks for visitors.

Two roundtables of experts have been drawn together to spend 90 minutes deliberating two distinct themes critical for the ocean industries.

Both Think Tanks take place on the DNB Ocean Stage in Hall B at the Nor-Shipping exhibition venue on Thursday 6th June.

Collaborative Networks
Our first Think Tank targets the need for cross sector, cross industry collaborative networks. Chaired by Michael Jones, founder of The Maritime Alliance, one of the most well-established ocean clusters, based on the US west Coast. This Think Tank will run from 1030 to 1200.

Michael Jones, president and founder of the San Diego-based TMA

For this Think Tank 15 accelerators and cluster organisation representatives from around the world have been invited to discuss pathways for stronger networks to meet the demands of industry and society.

Nor-Shipping visitors can sit in and listen to the discussions and get a front seat to the latest thinking in the development of collaboration between ocean and shipping clusters and innovation driving accelerators

Our second Think Tank is chaired by Di Gilpin, founder of the Smart Green Shipping Alliance and a well known figure pushing renewable energy usage in the shipping sector. She will moderate a Think Tank of 15 experts looking to answer the question of How to decarbonise.
The road to 2050 is not going to be an easy one and Di Gilpin has been tasked with teasing out of the Think Tank a potential answer to how to support this goal, to identify the common ground for development and change.

Decarbonisation needs new solutions, and new attitudes to encourage these solutions. It also needs a fresh answer to how the solutions can be developed, and how public and private enterprises can work collaboratively.

The decarbonisation Think Tank will run from 1300 to 1430 on Thursday 6th June in the DNB Ocean stage.

Both these Think Tanks are free for exhibitors and exhibition visitors, though seating is limited.

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