Waves of Change

Nor-Shipping believes that diversity is fundamental to industry sustainability.

The more diversity we have, the more perspectives we gain, the more talent we can tap into. We actively work to promote opportunities to people of all backgrounds, increasing the desirability of working in the ocean space and attracting the brightest brains to this leading global industry.

NOR Shipping 2017 WAVES OF CHANGE / Leadership, the environment and the future / Sustainability and the power of rolemodels with Peggy Liu, Birgitte R. Vartdal, Leon Patitsas Suha Obaid Photos are for free use but kindly include Nor-Shipping as source. Photo: www.iljahendel.com


With an under representation of female leaders in leadership roles, gender is a key issue in this conference, but it is not the only area addressed. Be part of the change. Join us for this important event.

The Waves of Change conference includes the presentation of the WISTA LeaderShip award, case study presentations and panel discussions.



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