World’s First Digital Shipping Company: Brazil’s Log-In

Logistics IoT visionary Loginno reveal the winner of The Contopia Factor and the world’s first digital shipping company: Brazilian Log-In Logistica Intermodal

Exactly six months ago, Loginno, a logistics IoT visionary startup from Israel, launched a competition dubbed The Contopia (Container Utopia) Factor, between all medium-to-small-sized shipping companies. The winner of The Contopia Factor gets its entire shipping container fleet converted to smart containers, to become the world’s first truly digital shipping company.

17 shipping companies from all over the globe went through the application process, four from different regions were selected as finalists, with Log-In Logistica Intermodal (BVMF: LOGN3), one of the top Latin American cabotage players, to finally take the win. In one of the more talked-about and long-awaited events during Nor-Shipping, 2019’s biggest global shipping conference, Loginno Founders Shachar Tal and Amit Aflalo presented the First Digital Shipping Company award to Log-In CEO Marco Cauduro and Log-In Operations and Chartering General Manager Luis Henrique Godoi.

“Log-In’s winning factors,” said Shachar Tal at the event, “were their readiness to handle a strategic and complex Contopia project, their openness and honesty throughout the selection process, and the quality, passion, and dedication of the Log-In executive team, who showed commitment as well as brilliance as we formed together the winning plan. All this, together with a well-suited operation, which we think could demonstrate very clearly the values of Contopia, and achieve a fantastic return on the investment; something that it is critical for us to prove.”

Marco Cauduro, Log-In CEO adds: “This is an amazing leap forward for Log-In, being the world’s first digital shipping company. Those of us in the know can’t wait to share the news with our fellow employees, customers, partners, and shareholders. The win is even sweeter considering that Log-In’s competitors in the region are two of the top-three shipping lines. We have been successful until now as a smaller shipping company against these giants, but now we expect to have a substantial advantage in our market, allowing our customers access to complete end-to-end visibility and countless Contopia values. It’s a totally different ball game now.”

Adds Luis Henrique Godoi, Log-In’s Operations and Chartering General Manager and Contopia project manager: “It will be a great honor to partner with Loginno to disrupt the industry. We thank the Loginno team for their trust in our capabilities and effort to make this project a reality. Now it’s time for Log-In, along with Loginno and the very esteemed Contopia partners, to shine and show the world what Contopia is about!”

In the next few weeks, Log-In and Loginno will be finalizing the Contopia roll-out plan, with the service roll-out itself expected late 2019, to consist of both an internal real-time-based operational efficiency plan, and a real-time visibility application for shippers, to be sold as an optional value-added service for all Log-In shipments, accessible directly from the Log-In portal. “We are usually complimented on the hardware part of our service, but we plan some really nice surprises for Log-In customers in the application as well.” hints Loginno Founder Amit Aflalo. “The first digital shipping company’s customers are going to get value that you will not find anywhere else in the world, even at other existing smart container services”.

About Loginno:

Loginno is leading an all-star initiative to select one shipping company, whose entire container fleet will be digitalized in 2019, the first milestone in creating Contopia (Container Utopia), the world’s Internet-of-Shipping-Containers infrastructure, mining cargo, and voyage data. Contopia data unlocks countless possibilities and business models throughout the shipping container logistics chain.

To that end, Loginno is leading an all-star initiative to select one shipping company, whose entire container fleet will be digitalized in 2019.


About Log-In:

Log-In plans, manages and operates the best solutions for cargo movement by means of cabotage, complemented by leading road transportation. Log-In has an integrated network that facilitates port movement and door to door transportation, thanks to an extensive intermodal network that allows for a geographical range covering all of Brazil and Mercosur. Log-In also offer cargo storage at terminals.

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