Marine operations in Offshore Wind

NORWEP, in partnership with GCE Ocean Technologies and Nor-Shipping, invite offshore wind developers to discuss the challenges they face and the services, technology and expertise they require to tackle them.

Global offshore wind is booming, with expected growth rates at well above 20% pa over the next decade. To enable building at that rate of speed, marine construction and maritime suppliers will have to up their stakes in vessels and operations. How are the major players acting to meet the demand and what are the trends and expectations of the industry? Will maritime politicians, developers and their maritime suppliers for installation and operations services be able to meet targets? 

During the seminar, we will discuss the needs of developers and OEMs, their preferences and their view on how to fulfil project pipeline and construction targets. We will then dive into the installation sector and ask our major industrial panel participants; How do we meet vessel requirements in a timely fashion? Last, but not least, we will ask the O&M vessel operators and other O&M suppliers to let us into their universe and to tell us more about the future of O&M in offshore wind. Discussion topics will include vessel demand and specifications as well as the impact of digitalisation on O&M operations? 

Join us at Nor-Shipping on Tuesday 11 January from 13:00 onwards for an update and deeper understanding of the future of marine operations in offshore wind. The last hour will be dedicated to drinks & networking.

Organised by NORWEP  in partnership with GCE Ocean Technologies and Nor-Shipping. 

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