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Shortsea Business Hub is a new initiative by Shortsea Promotion Centre in partnership with Nor-Shipping.
The concept is to match cargo owners with a desire to explore Shortsea solutions as an alternative and reap the benefits of a sustainable and competitive logistic solution.  
Listen to keynotes from industry leaders sharing their learning experiences and benefits from moving their logistics from the road to the sea. 
Speed-date cargo owners and show them how your business can solve their hunt for a competitive and sustainable transport solution.
The event takes place on January 12th at Nor Shipping. We are looking for three cargo owners to present their business and a specific opportunity to be solved. Limited access, we will evaluate cargo owners interested in participating on a first-come, first-served basis.

Foto: Stavanger havn

Program for the day:

  1. Introduction by Managing director in Shortsea Promotion Centre
  2. Inspiring keynotes from industry leaders sharing their experiences. 
  3. Cargo owners present their company and the specific business opportunity. There will be three presentations from cargo owners.
  4. Pre-registered speed-dating – 10 minutes per meeting
  5. Summary of findings & mingling.

We are interested in getting in touch with Cargo owners looking for the opportunity to present their company and specific opportunity and speed-date potential suppliers to identify a future-proof solution matching their demands for competitiveness and sustainability. 
Interested? Apply to participate by filling in the following form:

For more information, please contact:

Jørn Askvik

Managing Director Shortsea Promotion Centre Norway

(+47) 482 54 528
[email protected]

Eva Andresen

Event Coordinator

[email protected]

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