Ocean Insights with Ville Parpala

In this edition of Ocean Insights we have spoken to Ville Parpala, Director, Product Marketing, Marine Solutions at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch, to let you discover their unique vision of the road ahead.

Welcome to the Ocean Insights series – bite sized interviews with the thought leaders, innovators and business people seeking to realise the huge potential of the ocean space.

This week we have spoken to Ville Parpala, Director, Product Marketing, Marine Solutions at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch.

Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch has delivered more than 1,000 marine power drives to the industry over the past decade and is tailoring its technology to ensure that shipping can make the transition to clean energy in an easy, efficient and future-proof manner.

In this Ocean Insights interview Ville Parpala lets you discover Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch’s unique vision of the road ahead. Dive in and see what you discover.

What do you see as the greatest opportunity for the ocean industries over the next decade?

The utilisation of clean power. Capturing, harnessing and efficiently utilising wind, solar, wave and fuel cell energy will benefit all of shipping’s stakeholders, creating a stronger, more sustainable shipping industry.

What do you regard as the greatest challenge?

Conversion. Introducing clean energy onboard vessels requires willingness, investment, engineering solutions and high-tech products. The industry has to commit to conversion.

What do you see as the unique strength of your business and how will it help you succeed?

We have the ability to help shipowners harvest low-hanging fruit. The Switch’s permanent magnet shaft generator and DC distribution offer a modular, ‘Lego’ brick design, delivering immediate savings in fuel and emissions, while giving owners the freedom and flexibility in the future to upgrade the system with clean power sources whenever they become viable.

What key skills are you looking for in the next generation of industry professionals and how are you working to attract new talent?

We want employees that think GREEN and are open to change and innovation. We’d like people to have a focus on clean energy sources and hybrid solutions. In addition, we think the next generation shouldn’t be looking at cleaning onboard pollution with expensive equipment, but rather adopting new technology that doesn’t pollute in the first place.

What are you most looking forward to at Nor-Shipping 2021?

To network and mingle again. It’s been so frustrating not meeting people due to the COVID-19 situation. I’m also looking forward to seeing the very latest developments in Green Shipping.


Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch showcased the DC-Hub, and its full range of innovative technology, at Nor-Shipping 2019.

What three words sum up your vision for the future?


Nor-Shipping 2021 – Your Arena for Ocean Solutions – takes place in Oslo and Lillestrøm, 1-4 June 2021. Find out more at www.nor-shipping.com

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