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Ocean Now aims to create an arena in Oslo to highlight ocean industry start-ups, young talent, sustainability, technology and innovation. The arena will create solutions, showcase individuals, ideas and opportunities.

Ocean Now is a festival at Skur 13 in Oslo June 5th and 6th, for everyone who is curious about the opportunities in the ocean. The ocean is facing major challenges that require new solutions. At Ocean Now, entrepreneurs, students and large corporates come together to focus on the opportunities and the concrete solutions needed. We need the sharpest, most innovative and clever minds to develop profitable ideas that can bring a better future to people all over the world.

Ocean now will give you the opportunity to:
– Make new solutions.
– Get inspired to create your own solutions.
– Experience ground breaking solutions that already exist.

Ocean Now is a 2-day ocean solution festival with interactive sessions, lectures, pitches, competitions, cases, food courses, entertainment, activities in the port area and presentation of new solutions.

Our amazing partners include:  Chooose, Kompass og Co, Antler, Rent Hav Rent Fremtid, WWF Norge, CoreMarine, Askeladden, Paint’n Sip, Tekna, Maritimt Forum Oslo, The Explorer and Katapult Ocean.

Colonies in space still lie far into the future, while the changes in the ocean space are happening now. Welcome to Ocean Now, an ocean of opportunities!

Ocean Now is hosted by Nor-Shipping and Katapult Ocean

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