The Ocean
Thought Leaders

The Ocean Thought Leaders is a series of articles with the very best minds, from the very best companies, who know our ocean better than almost anyone else.
Our ocean thought leaders are CEO’s, chairpeople and business heads that, for the most part, have built their expertise in maritime and are now looking to how they can use their firm’s unique competency, experience, infrastructure and networks to drive future success in both shipping and the ocean space.

Unique approach

Jotun, the world’s leading supplier of marine coatings, isn’t scared to create waves in the quest for better solutions, results and environmental performance. Here CEO Morten Fon explains how a little disruption can go a long way – for the firm, its customers and wider society.

marius Hermansen astrup

Next Generation Ambition

Marius Hermansen, the new CEO at Astrup Fearnley, is focused on helping the 150-year-old business transition for a new age of prosperity – with fresh talent, smarter ways of working, and a burning desire to modernize shipbroking services to deliver added value for clients.

Policy for progress

Ståle Hansen, President and CEO of Skuld, discusses how personal relationships, expert insight and an open approach to risk can unlock the action needed for sustainable success in the ocean space. Together, he argues, we can super-charge a post-pandemic transformation.

Even better times ahead

Even Matre Ellingsen, Group CEO of Astrup Fearnley, may be new in the ‘hot seat’, but he already has calm, clear and ambitious visions for a company that is just about to celebrate a major milestone.

Leading from the front

The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) is working to position itself as a leader for not just Norwegian flagged vessels, but for the entire global shipping industry. Here Acting Director General Lars Alvestad outlines how innovative technology, bold ambition and a committed environmental focus are converging with truly ground-breaking results.

The future, covered

How can marine insurance play an active role in helping industry and society meet future challenges and opportunities? Skuld CEO Ståle Hansen knows he doesn’t have all the answers, but he’s committed to contributing towards both commercial and environmental sustainability in any way he, and his company, can.

Bold ambition

Kongsberg Group’s acquisition of Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine sent shockwaves through the industry. From seemingly out of nowhere they acquired one of the biggest names in ship design, deck and rotating machinery. Geir Håøy, President & CEO KONGSBERG, explains both the rationale behind the purchase and what lies ahead.

Trust in transparency

Inchcape Shipping Services is determined to shine a light on the traditionally shadowy world of ships agencies, combining its global presence with the power of digital technology to position itself as a trusted partner for maritime leaders. CEO Frank Olsen believes change is on its way.

One vision, countless opportunities

Kristin Holth is focused on the big picture. The Head of DNB’s Ocean Industries division believes long-term value, for the bank and its customers, can be unlocked by viewing the ocean as a single arena, rather than standalone segments. Here she explains why DNB has dived into a new way of working.

The art of leadership

Jotun has maintained its number one position in marine coatings despite the “horrific” market conditions of the past few years: adapting, evolving and building to stay ahead. Now, says CEO Morten Fon, the company is well positioned to consolidate that leadership.

A touch of class

Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, DNV GL CEO Maritime, maps out how class can help maritime navigate the new digital reality.

Why do we need the maritime press?

“All of humanity is in shipping. The tragedies, the triumphs, the highs, the lows, the love, the loss, and, of course, the wrecks – financial or otherwise.” TradeWinds Editor-in-Chief Julian Bray tells the story of his industry.

Shaping the future

Thomas Wilhelmsen isn’t shy about stepping forward. The Wilhelmsen CEO wants his group to lead maritime from the front, utilizing a blend of the traditional and the transformational to steer the business, and the entire industry, on a value added voyage into the future.

Awakening connectivity

Wärtsilä has a vision unlike any other maritime company. We sat down with Roger Holm, President of Wärtsilä Marine Solutions, to talk about ‘An Oceanic Awakening’

A new age for Norwegian shipping

It’s about more than maritime. Harald Solberg, CEO of the Norwegian Shipping Association, sees a world of opportunity from his office overlooking Oslo.